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Management of Natural resources

Uses Of Forests

You may have heard people talking about the need to protect our forests. Why are forests important? Why should we protect them?

Forests are important to us as they are the source of a large number of products.

  1. Plywood, fuel wood, boxes, paper, matchsticks, and furniture, are some of the wood-based products that are obtained from forests.

  1. Forests also provide us with food products, such as oils, spices, etc.

  1. They are a source of rubber, gum, and various medicinal products.

Forests are the “lungs” and serve as water purifying systems of nature. They are also home to a large number of animals and plants.

You may have come across pictures of a forest where the branches of the tall trees spread out like roof over the other plants. What is this called?

The part of the tree with branches is known as the crown. When the crown of tall trees in the forests forms a roof-like covering over the other plants, it is known as a canopy.

Usefulness of trees

Observe the things present around you. Make a list of the products in your house that are obtained from forests. Also, visit a market and observe all the items that are obtained from forests. Do you think that the cutting of forests will affect the availability of these things?

We need to protect our forests as they are an important sour...

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