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Sohan has a ribbon of length 25 cm and 4 mm. Can you express the length of the ribbon only in terms of centimeters?

We know that 10 mm = 1 cm

1 mm = cm = one-tenth cm = 0.1 cm

Hence, length of Sohan’s Ribbon = 25 cm and 4 mm

= 25cm and cm (four-tenth of a cm)

= cm (read as twenty five and four-tenth)

= 25.4 cm (read as twenty five point four)

Such numbers are known as decimal numbers.

In this example, what we observe is that is equivalent to 25.4.

Let us discuss more about a decimal number.

Place value of a decimal number

In a decimal number, different digits have different place values. In order to know about the place value, look at the following video.

Representation of a decimal using concrete material

We can also represent decimal numbers with the help of figures.

To understand the representation of decimal numbers using concrete material, look at the following video.

Let us consider some examples based on what we have learnt in this section.

Example 1:

Read these decimal numbers and write them in the place value table.

  1. 890.253
  2. 12. 20
  3. 3.9


If we place the given decimal numbers in a place value table, then we will have the following table.

Decimal Number





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