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Introduction To Trigonometry

Question 11:

State whether the following are true or false. Justify your answer.

(i) The value of tan A is always less than 1.

(ii) sec A =for some value of angle A.

(iii) cos A is the abbreviation used for the cosecant of angle A.

(iv) cot A is the product of cot and A

(v) sin θ =, for some angle θ


(i) Consider a ΔABC, right-angled at B.

But > 1

∴tan A > 1

So, tan A < 1 is not always true.

Hence, the given statement is false.


Let AC be 12k, AB will be 5k, where k is a positive integer.

Applying Pythagoras theorem in ΔABC, we obtain

AC2 = AB2 + BC2

(12k)2 = (5k)2 + BC2

144k2 = 25k2 + BC2

BC2 = 119k2

BC = 10.9k

It can be …

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