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Question 5:

Give examples of polynomial p(x), g(x), q(x) and r(x), which satisfy the division algorithm and

(i) deg p(x) = deg q(x)

(ii) deg q(x) = deg r(x)

(iii) deg r(x) = 0


According to the division algorithm, if p(x) and g(x) are two polynomials with

g(x) ≠ 0, then we can find polynomials q(x) and r(x) such that

p(x) = g(x) × q(x) + r(x),

where r(x) = 0 or degree of r(x) < degree of g(x)

Degree of a polynomial is the highest power of the variable in the polynomial.

(i) deg p(x) = deg q(x)

Degree of quotient will be equal to degree of dividend when divisor is constant ( i.e., when any polynomial i...

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