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Practical Geometry

Take a circular clock.What do we observe when we look at the clock?

We observe that every point on the boundary of the clock is equidistant from the centre. Now we will learn how to draw such circles with the help of a compass.

First, we will see what a compass is.

Description: A compass consists of two hands - a pointer at one end and a place where a pencil can be inserted on the other end.

Uses: This instrument is used to draw circles, arcs, etc. and to measure and mark off lengths.

Now, we will see how to draw a circle with the help of a compass and a ruler.

In this way, we can draw a circle of the given radius with the help of a compass.

If we draw two rays from the same starting point as shown in the figure, then what figure will we obtain?

Yes, you are right. It is an angle.

Can you draw the copy of a given angle?

Yes, you can do so. You will first measure the angle using protractor …

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