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Quadratic Equations

Question 2:

(i) John and Jivanti together have 45 marbles. Both of them lost 5 marbles each, and the product of the number of marbles they now have is 124. Find out how many marbles they had to start with.

(ii) A cottage industry produces a certain number of toys in a day. The cost of production of each toy (in rupees) was found to be 55 minus the number of toys produced in a day. On a particular day, the total cost of production was Rs 750. Find out the number of toys produced on that day.


(i) Let the number of John’s marbles be x.

Therefore, number of Jivanti’s marble = 45 − x

After losing 5 marbles,

Number of John’s marbles = x − 5

Number of Jivanti’s marbles = 45 − x − 5 = 40 − x

It is given that the product of their marbles is 124.

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