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Areas Related To Circles


We have given AB = 4m and circumference of semicircle with radius OA as.

We are asked to find the area between the two semi-circles.

For that we will first find OA.


Now we will substitute

    227×r=16337r=11447×722r=52OA=52 m

Now we will find OB.

OB=52+4OB=56  m

Now we will find the area between two semi-circles as given below,
Area=π×56×562-π×52×522             =π21568-1352 m2             =π2×216             =227×2×216             =339.43 m2

Therefore, area of the path is 339.43 m2.

Now we will find the cost of gravelling the path.

Cost=339.43×1.50        =Rs 509.14

Therefore, cost of gravelling the path is Rs 509.14.

Now we will…

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