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Body Movements

Human Skeletal System

We know that human beings move from one place to another with the help of their skeletal and muscular system. How do other land animals move? Let us find out.


Amoeba moves with the help of pseudopodia. The typical movement of Amoeba with help of pseudopodia is called amoeboid movement.


Paramecium is covered with hair like cilia all around its body. It moves by moving its cilia forward and backward. This typical movement of Paramecium is called ciliary movement.


It bears a single flagellum which is used for movement. This type of movement is called euglenoid movement.

Do you know what Hydra is?

Hydra is an aquatic animal that lacks any skeletal structures. Now let us know how a hydra moves.


Movement in Hydra is of two types

Looping movement in Hydra

In this the foot remains attached to the substrate and the body bends till the tentacles touch the ground and get attached to the substrate. At this moment the foot looses its hold from the ground and is placed closed to the tentacles. Finally Hydra comes in its original position by straightening itself and becomes ready for another cycle of looping. During each cycle, Hydra moves forward by some distance.

Somersaulting movement in Hydra

The foot remains attached to the surface and the body bends till the tentacles reach the surface. The foot releases its hold and Hydra straightens by standing on its tentacles. It stands inverted. Hydra repeats this process and moves fo…

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