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Body Movements

Human Skeletal System

You must have observed that different parts of our body have different shapes. What provides shape to our body?

The skeleton provides shape to our body.

Do you know what a skeleton is?

All the bones of our body form a framework, which gives a definite shape to the body. This framework is known as the skeleton. It forms the skeletal system.


Let us study about some parts of the human skeletal system.


Human beings usually have five fingers. There are a total of 14 bones (2 in the thumb and 3 in each of the four fingers) that make up the human fingers of one hand.

You must have observed that you can bend your fingers at every joint.

Rib cage

Ribs are the bones that are present in our chest. Let us find out the number of ribs we have by performing the following activity.

Rib counting

Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. Then feel your chest bones by gently pressing the middle of your chest with your finger.

Count the number of ribs.



It is a long, hard structure made up of several small bones. It starts from the neck and ends in the hip region. It helps us in bending.


Shoulder bones

They are a pair of bones (...

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