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Electricity and Circuits

Construction of electric cells, electric bulbs, and electric switches

Construction of an Electric Cell


When all the chemicals stored inside it are used, the cell stops generating electricity. Hence, we have to replace the cell with a new one.

An electric cell generates a very small amount of electricity. However, this electricity is sufficient for the working of many small electrical devices. Some common devices that use electricity from cells are clocks, videogames, wristwatches, etc.

List some of the devices that work using electric cells.

Construction of a Light Bulb

Try to locate the filament and the terminals in a torch bulb.

Some interesting facts:

  • The current flowing in a filament raises its temperature up to 3,000°C. This generates a large amount of heat and is responsible for the glowing of a light bulb.

  • The length of the tungsten filament in a light bulb is about 2 meters.

Switching devices

A switch is an electric device that is used to either complete or break an electric circuit. It has two positions ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’. At ON position, the circuit is complete and the circuit breā€¦

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