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Fibre to Fabric

Fibres and Their Classification

We see cloth or fabric all around us. Our clothes, bed sheets, school bags, curtains are all made up of fabric. Ask your mother to give you a silk sari. Now, take a pair of jeans and compare its texture with that of the sari. Can you tell why your jeans is rough and hard, while the silk sari is smooth and soft?

Fabric is basically obtained from fibres. Fibres are long filamentous-like structures that can be rolled together to form threads. They can be obtained from a wide variety of sources. Depending on the origin of a fibre, it can be classified as natural or synthetic.

The fibres obtained from plants and animals are called natural fibres. Examples of natural fibres include cotton, jute, wool, and silk. On the other hand, those made artificially, using chemicals, are known …

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