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Food - Where Does It Come From

Food Items

We all need food. Food gives us the energy to do work and also keeps us healthy.

Rohan ate chapattis and dal for lunch. Do you know the ingredients required to prepare these food items?

Ingredients for Dal and Chapatti (roti)

These substances that are required for preparing a particular kind of dish are known as its ingredients.

Food variety

Do you think that people living in different states of India have similar food habits? The answer is ‘No’.

In India, different types of food are prepared in different states. Let’s understand this through this video.

Reasons for this Variety

There are many reasons that bring the variety in the food habits of people of different regions of India. Some of them are:



The method of preparation

Open fires and tandoors are used in Northern India

Types of oils used

Coconut oil is used in south Indian food preparations while mustard oil is used in north Indian food preparations

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