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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Components Of Garbage

All of us have eaten some form of packaged food such as chips etc. and have thrown away the packet as waste. A lot of waste is generated in homes during the processes of cleaning and cooking. While studying too, we may end up throwing some waste paper into the bin. Even a simple activity like the sharpening of a pencil generates wood wastes.

Think of all the activities that are performed during the course of a single day and you will see that most of these activities generate some form of waste or the other.

The waste products generated from our day-to-day activities is collectively called garbage.

Can we name of few things that form garbage?

Plastic bags, packaging tins, groundnut shells, tickets used in buses, trains, movies etc., broken toys, old clothes and shoes, vegetable peels ,egg shells, tea leaves, newspaper pieces, dry leaves, paper bags, broken glasses, aluminium wrappers, nails etc., are all wastes that are generated in our day-to-day lives.

Did you know that in India, 42.0 million tons of solid wastes is annually generated at present? 

We see that many different types of materials are generated as wastes. What are their characteristics? Is there any method by which they can be separated?

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