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Management of Natural Resources

Need for Management of Natural Resources

We use various natural resources such as forests, wildlife, water, coal, petroleum etc, for our various needs. As the level of development increases, the rate of utilization of these natural resources also increases. A majority of these natural resources is exhaustible. Excessive use of these natural resources causes a negative impact on our environment. It releases pollutants that pollute the air, water, and soil. The use of these natural resources also leads to the degradation of the environment. We therefore need a systematic plan for the utilization and conservation of these natural resources. This is known as natural resource management.

Natural resource management is the optimum utilization of natural resources by maintaining the balance of natural environment for sustainable utilization and development.

Why do we need to manage natural resources?

We need to manage natural resources because of the reasons listed below.

  • A majority of natural resources is limited
  • Human population is increasing at a tremendous rate
  • Utilization of natural resources is increasing at an exponential rate
  • Need to conserve resources for future generations
  • Equal distribution of resources for equal benefit
  • Need to reduce the damage caused to the environment because of the over-exploitation and utilization of resources
  • Waste generated from the utilization of these resources is to be safely disposed

Thus, a proper and planned utilization of natural resources is essential for sustainable development.

Sustainable development refers to a balance between natural resources, ecosystems, and the human requirement for resources, for the development and growth in the standards of living. Sustainable development also includes the safeguarding of our natural resources so that they are of use to the future generations.

The following table shows some of the problems arising from the over-exploitation of natural resources.

Natural resources

Problems arising from over-exploitation


Depletion of ground water; water pollution; spreading of water-borne diseases

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