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Sorting Materials Into Groups

Materials and Objects

Objects can be classified into various groups based on the materials from which they are made. The articles or objects that you find in your study room can be grouped as shown.

Material from which objects are made

Objects in your study room


Chair, table, pencil, etc.


Pen, wall clock, lunch box, water bottle, etc.


Window pane, geometry box, etc.

These materials, i.e., wood, metal, and plastic are used to produce a variety of articles that are used by us in our daily lives.

Can you think of other objects that are made from these materials?

Try to classify the things that you find in your kitchen into the various groups.

Do You Know:

Copper was the first metal to be used by human beings.

Some objects can be made using more than one material. For example, chairs can be made using both wood and plastic. However, there are certain objects that can only be made using specific materials. We will now discuss some of these objects.

Can metals be used to make the handles of cooking utensils?

You must have noticed that the handles of cooking utensils are usually made up of either wood or plastic. It is done because wood and plastic are bad conductors of heat, i.e., they do not become hot when heated. Therefore, it is easier for a person to remove the ut...

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