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Sorting Materials Into Groups

Materials and Objects

The substances that we use in our day to day life can be categorised into various groups depending upon their source of origin. 

The Substances that are present in nature are known as natural substances while the one derived from naturally available substances by processing them are known as man-made substances.





Wood, soil, water, rubber, cotton, silk etc.


Raincoat, nylon, umbrella, plastic etc.

Can you classify the above substances as plant origin/animal origin and biotic/abiotic?

The natural substances derived from living things such as plants and animals are called biotic substances and those derived from non-living things are called abiotic substances. Further, we have plant origin substances obtained from plants and animal origin substances obtained from animals.

From the above-given substances, 

  • Biotic substances- wood, cotton, silk, rubber
  • Abiotic substances - soil, water
  • Plant origin substances- wood, cotton, rubber
  • Animal origin substances- silk

Objects can be classified into various groups based on the materials from which they are made.  The articles or objects that you find in your study room can be grouped as shown.

Material from which objects are made

Objects in your study room


Chair, table, pencil, etc.


Pen, wall clock, lunch box, water bottle, etc.


Windowpanee, geometry box, etc.

These materials, i.e., wood, metal, and plastic are used…

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