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Sources Of Water

Do you know that on an average an individual consumes about 2.9 litres of water everyday?

Water is required not only for drinking but also for many other purposes in our day-to-day lives.

Irrigation in agriculture, industrial processes, domestic purposes such as cooking and cleaning are some of the major uses of water.

What are the sources of water?

We know that water is available from various sources. Some of the common sources of water are ponds, lakes, rivers, wells, and reservoirs.

The water that we use in our homes is supplied from these sources. In villages, people directly use water from the ponds, rivers, lakes, canals, reservoirs etc.

Is water in icebergs salty?

The water in icebergs is not salty, rather it is fresh water. This can be explained by the principle of freezing. Iceberg is the solidified form of water. During the process of solidification the water molecules come close to one another and get packed tightly. This leaves no space for the molecules of salt.

Where does the water in these ponds, lakes, rivers, and wells come from?

Recall a picture of the globe. The area covered by the land is very small as compared to the area covered by water. Water covers two-third (2/3) of the total surface area of the world.

Interestingly, did you know that some of the water from the oceans and seas evaporates and is the primary source of rain? Rainwater feeds into the ponds, lakes, rivers, and wells etc, which in turn are the main sources of water for us.


You may be familiar with instances of the taps in your house running dry for  days at a stretch, on account of a shortage of water in your city. We know that there are places in this country where the shortage of water is so severe that people stand in long queues to fetch a few buckets of water! In the villages people have to fetch water from very far distances.

There are numerous fights over water. Marches and protests, against the unavailability of this valuable resource, are fairly common. All these problems are du…

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