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Minerals And Energy Resources

Question 1:

Multiple choice questions

(i) Which one of the following minerals is formed by decomposition of rocks, leaving a residual mass of weathered material?

(a) coal

(b) bauxite

(c) gold

(d) zinc

(ii) Koderma, in Jharkhand is the leading producer of which one of the following minerals?

(a) bauxite

(b) mica

(c) iron ore

(d) copper

(iii) Minerals are deposited and accumulated in the stratas of which of the following rocks?

(a) sedimentary rocks

(b) metamorphic rocks

(c) igneous rocks

(d) none of the above

(iv) Which one of the following minerals is contained in the Monazite sand?

(a) oil

(b) uranium

(c) thorium

(d) coal


(i) (b) bauxite

(ii) …

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