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Novels Society And History

Question 1:

Explain the following:

(a) Social changes in Britain which led to an increase in women readers

(b) What actions of Robinson Crusoe make us see him as a typical coloniser.

(c) After 1740, the readership of novels began to include poorer people.

(d) Novelists in colonial India wrote for a political cause.


(a) As the middle classes became more affluent, women got more leisure time to read and write novels. Also, novels began to explore the world of women, their emotions, identities, experiences and problems. Domestic life became an essential subject of novels—a field women had an authority to speak about.

(b) Robinson Crusoe’s actions that make us see him as a typical coloniser are many. Shipwrecked on an island inhabited by coloured people, Crusoe treats them as inferior b…

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