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Old World vs New World

The author juxtaposes contrasting stereotypes of the Old World (specifically, Europe and the British Isles) and the New World (specifically, America). The Old World speaks the language of history, lineage and tradition. These, like the ghost of Sir Simon, hold considerable influence over the individuals belonging to this world. It is a world of aristocrats, like Lord Canterville, who can trace their roots far back into time; a world of castles and manors, like Canterville Chase, which get passed down through generations. Everything about this world suggests age. The country house is centuries old, even the ghost haunting this house is three hundred years old.

The New World, on the other hand, speaks the language of modernity and progress. While the Old World stands looking back, this world looks and moves forward. Money is the prime mover in this world. The reigning philosophy (as Mr. Otis points out) is that everythin…

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