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Mathematical Reasoning

  • Mathematically Acceptable Statement

A sentence is called a mathematically acceptable statement if it is either true or false, but not both.

We denote statements by small letters p, q, r,s, etc.


Example: Consider the following sentences:

    • “Complete your homework.”

It is not a statement as it is an order.

    • “I can’t wait to open my present!”

It is not a statement as it is an exclamatory sentence.

    • “The value of iota is –1.”

It is a statement. Since we know that , the given sentence is false.

    • “He is going to America.”

It is not a statement as in this sentence we do not know who “he” is.

    • “The number 0 is the smallest whole number.”

It is a statement as this sentence is always true.

    • “Do you have internet at your home?”

It is not a statement as it is a question.

    • “The probability of getting a head when a coin is tossed is

It is a statement a…

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