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Character Sketches

The Ghost of Sir Simon

No more bloodstains!

Four weeks had passed since the Otises entered Canterville Chase. Weak, tired and shattered, the ghost started at the slightest noise. He also gave up the point of keeping up the blood-stain on the library floor saying that “if the Otis family did not want it, they clearly did not deserve it.” He kept consoling himself in vain. His appearances were now only part of his solemn duty towards his existence as a ghost.

The ghost careful not to be heard or seen

Now it was he who was careful not to make any noise or be noticed lest he himself was attacked by the twins. He was devastated to such an extent that he took care to tread as lightly as possible on the boards, used the Rising Sun Lubricator for oiling his chains and even removed his boots in order to ensure not to be heard or seen. Yet, strings were continually being stretched in corridor. He felt extremely molested.

The ghost’s last attempt

But when the butter-slide constructed by the twins made him fall, he determined to make one last attempt at asserting himself by donning the celebrated character of “Re…

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