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Novel Summary

Chapter-1 Summary

Mr. Otis bought the haunted Canterville Chase

Despite the warnings about Canterville Chase being haunted, Mr. Otis, a United States Minister, bought it from Lord Canterville who himself had “not cared to live in the place.” Lord Canterville informed Mr. Otis about some of the ghastly incidents that the inhabitants of Canterville Chase had witnessed over different periods of time owing to the presence of the ghost.

Mr. Otis took “the furniture and the ghost at a valuation” even though Lord Canterville emphasized the fact “that the ghost exists” and that “it has been well known for three centuries, since 1584,”

The Otises moved to Canterville Chase

The Otises were a family of six – Mr. Otis, his wife and their four children. The eldest son was Washington Otis. Miss. Virginia was a pretty girl of fifteen and their only daughter. The youngest were the twin brothers who are also known as “The Star and Stripes”.

Mr. Otis and his family moved to Canterville Chase on “a lovely July evening.” The weather which was absolutely pleasant changed suddenly as they entered the avenue of Canterville Chase. The sky became suddenly overcast with clouds and big rain-drops started falling even before they reached. Moreover, a sky overcast with “great flight of rooks” and a “curious stillness,” indicating a bad omen, greeted them.

A Blood-stain on the library floor!

After greeting, Mrs. Umney,…

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