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Single Sex

You are Maryam Sabreen. You have to speak in a debate against the motion, ‘Single sex schools are better for education’. Prepare a speech of about 150–200 words.

A very good morning to jury members, friends and my fellow opponents. Today, I am going to speak against the motion 'Single sex schools are better for education'. Owing strong allegiance to what my fellow opponent just said, I admit that single sex schools provide a comfortable and healthy platform for learning. But dear friends, life is not a bed of roses. We must acknowledge the fact that escaping from a section of society in order to learn comfortably, minimizes the overall growth of a child. Perhaps, the opposite gender could be a source of distraction but by grouping students by gender, we compromise on the level and quality of education that could be maintained in a diverse classroom. In a class full of both genders, we can have strong arguments, exciting talks and different perspectives.

Class room teachings are meant to resemble real life experiences. The…

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