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Animal Kingdom

Fundamental basis of classification

  • Levels of organisation - It includes cellular level, tissue level, organ level and organ system level of organisation.

  • Symmetry - Body of animals can be asymmetrical, radially symmetrical, and bilaterally symmetrical.

  • Organisation - Animals are classified on the basis of diploblastic or triploblastic organisation.

  • Coelom - Animals can be classified as acoelomate, pseudocoelomate, or coelomate.

  • Segmentation - It involves the phenomenon of metamerism.

  • Presence or absence of notochord

Phylum - Porifera

  • Multicellular organisms with cellular level of organisation

  • Water or canal system is present.

  • Water enters through ostia and goes out through osculum.

  • Skeleton is made of spongin fibres or spicules.

  • Choanocytes (colla‚Ķ

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