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  • Chemical Composition
  • All living organisms, from microbes to mammals, are composed of chemical substances.
  • These chemical substances can be organic or inorganic. Chemical analysis is performed to find out chemical composition of a living cell.
  • Water is the most abundant chemical compound in a living body.
  • Most of the organic compounds are found in acid-soluble fraction.
  • Inorganic compounds such as sulphate, phosphate, etc. are also found in acid-soluble fraction.
  • Organic compounds
  • All carbon compounds obtained from living tissues are known as organic biomolecules.
  • These are of two types:
(a) Micromolecules (bio-micromolecules)
      (b) Macromolecules (bio-macromolecules)
  •  Micromolecules (Bio-micromolecules)
  • These are the organic compounds with molecular weights less than one thousand dalton.
  • Classified as amino acids, sugars, nuc…

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