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Transport in Plants

  • Translocation
    • It is a biological process that involves the transport of dissolved material within a plant.
    • It mainly occurs with the help of xylem and phloem.
    • The transport of food from leaves to other parts of plant occurs by phloem. Movement of food in phloem is bidirectional.
    • The conduction of water and minerals from soil to the rest of the plant occurs by xylem. Movement of water in xylem is unidirectional.
  • Need of Water and Minerals for Plants
    • Need of Water
      • For photosynthesis
      • For transpiration
      • For transportation
      • For mechanical stiffness
    • Need of Minerals
      • Needed as nutrients for the plants
      • For the synthesis of a variety of compounds and enzymes
  • Means of Transport
  • Diffusion
    • It is the spontaneous movement of molecules from a region of h…

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