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Sample Papers CBSE Class 11 Science

Key features of Meritnation Sample papers:

  • Comprehensive tests to ensure thorough practise before exams
  • Available for all subjects of Class 11 Science
  • Meticulously designed keeping in mind the exact requirement of CBSE Class 11 Science students
  • Systematic questions with proper solutions or answers available for CBSE Class 11 Science
  • Designed as Summative Assessment (SA) as per the CCE guidelines provided by CBSE
  • The CBSE Class 11 Science Sample Papers allow the students to have real time experience of the exam



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General Introduction, Importance of Physics, Physical Quantities

Chapter: Units And Measurements

Elements and Compounds, Five States of Matter and Their Characteristics, Freezing, Melting, Condensation, Vapourisation, Boiling, Deposition, Sublimation, Effect of Temperature and Pressure on States of Matter, Homogeneous Mixture, Heterogeneous Mixture,

Chapter: Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Chemical Composition of Living Tissues, Cellular Pool, Water, Biomolecules and Their Types, Carbohydrates and Their Classification (Monosaccharides, Disaccharides and Polysaccharides), Glycosidic Bond

Chapter: Biomolecules

Concept of Sets, Set Representation, Cardinal Number of a Set, Equal and Equivalent Sets, Concept of Subset, Supersets and Power Set

Chapter: Sets

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