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Board Paper of Class 12 Business Studies Term-II 2022 Delhi(Set 2) - Solutions

General Instructions:

1. This paper contains 12 questions.

2. Question number 1-4 are of 2 marks. These are short-answer type questions and are to be answered in 30-50 words.

3. Question number 3-8 are of 3 marks. These are short-answer type questions and are to be answered in 50-80 words.

4. Question number 9-12 are of 5 marks. These are long-answer type questions and are to be answered in 80-120 words.

5. There is no overall choice in the question paper. However internal choice has been given in 1 question of 3 marks and 2 questions of 5 marks each.

6. This question paper contains case/source based questions.

  • Question 1
    'External sources of recruitment may lead to dissatisfaction and frustration among existing employees. They may feel that their chances of promotion are reduced.' Give two situations when external sources may be used without dissatisfying the existing employees. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 2
    'Estimating manpower requirements is not merely knowing how many persons we need.' What else is needed while estimating manpower requirements? State any two points. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 3
    'Due to various malpractices and multiplied investors grievances the Govt. of India decided to set-up a separate regulatory body to protect the interest of investors and to regulate the securities market.'
    (a) Identify the regulatory body set-up by Govt. of India for the above stated purpose.
    (b) State any one objective of the regulatory body identified in (a) above. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 4
    'Analysing deviations' is an important step in the process of controlling. It is therefore important to focus on key result areas which are critical to the success of an organisation. Identify and give the meaning of the concept discussed above. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 5
    Explain 'Priváte Placement' and 'Rights Issue' as methods of floatation of new issues in the primary market. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 6
    Name and give the meaning of the concepts that are highlighted in the following statements:
    (a) It improves the performance of employees on the current job or prepares them for any intended job.
    (b) It not only improves the job performance of the employees but also brings about growth of the personality. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 7
    Agrima, Arunima and Avika are pursuing MBA from a reputed institution. Now it is the time of their placement.
    Agrima wants to work in a company which would provide her more authority for fulfilling her duties and will give recognition, rewards, perquisites and prestige of job.
    Arunima wants to work in an organisation in which behaviour of individuals is influenced by its characteristics like autonomy, reward orientation, consideration to employees, risk taking etc.
    Avika wants to join the organisation which has appropriate skill development programmes and sound promotion policy that encourages employees to exhibit improved performance.
    Identify and state the incentives about which Agrima, Arunima and Avika are talking about. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 8
    State any three points of importance of 'Controlling' function of management.


    State any three points of importance of 'Directing' function of management. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 9
    Explain the following rights of a consumer as per the provisions of Consumer Protection Act, 2019:
    (i) Right to Safety
    (ii) Right to be Heard


    State any five reliefs available to the consumers under Consumer Protection Act, 2019. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 10
    State any five points of difference between 'Primary Market' and 'Secondary Market'. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 11
    Ananta Ltd. is a company dealing in ready-made garments from last many years. Recently the profit of the company have started increasing. The finance manager decided to retain the profit instead of distributing it among shareholders.

    (i) Identify and state the financial decision taken by finance manager in the above case.

    (ii) State any three factors affecting the decision identified in (i) above.


    Ravi has joined as a finance manager in MTA Ltd. He had to arrange funds of rupees one crore for the company. The Chief Executive Officer of the company wants to arrange the funds by a public issue whereas the finance manager wants to have a mix of debt and equity as this will determine the overall cost of capital and the financial risk of the enterprise.

    (i) Identify and give the meaning of the financial decision suggested by the finance manager in the above case.

    (ii) State any three factors affecting the decision identified in (i) above. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 12
    Asha is living in a small village of Rajasthan. Her mother has good culinary skills. Inspired from her mother she joined a course of 'Food and Beverages Production' in Jaipur. After completing her course she asked her mother to open a sweets shop in Jaipur, to which her mother agreed. The business was doing well and had started growing. To expand her business she felt the need of additional personnel. Instead of selecting personnel from any other source she thought of helping her relatives and appointed five of them. But after doing all efforts she found that none of her relatives were providing satisfactory service leading to lower productivity. Also, the quality of the products started deteriorating.
    This made Asha to realise that the ability of an organisation to achieve its goals depends upon the quality of its human resources. This was ignored by her at the time of selecting the personnel for her expansion programme.
    (a) Identify and state the function of management which could have helped Asha at the time of fulfilling her need of additional personnel in the organisation.
    (b) State any three benefits of the function identified in (a) above. VIEW SOLUTION
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