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Simrat Kaur asked a question
Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 4/10/17
1.       There is a business of manufacturing ovens, they are considered to be quite good and durable. The company has a network with dealers. Intitially the demand for the event was quite high because of the quality, therefore the company did not pay attention to provide after sales service and maintaining relationships with dealers. As a result demand for oven started decling .the marketing director of the company took note of this step demand for oven started increasing . Identify the promotion mix which the company adopted and explain any two roles the identified mix.
2.       Ashima joined a company as a sales representative. She was very hardworking and impressed the marketing manager with her work. She was asked by the marketing manager to finalize a deal with a customer by allowing him suitable discount subject to a maximum of 20%. Ashima finalized that deal with 18% discount and asked Ashima to finalised the deal at 12%discount which is the normal practice. Identify and explain the principle of management which has been violated and also discuss what are the various consequences of violation of this principle.
3.       N and G after finishing their graduation under vocational stream,decided to start their own travel agency which will book rail tickets and air tickets on commission basis. They also thought of providing tickets within 10 min through the use of internet. They discussed the idea with their providing MR.M who liked the idea and suggested them to first political extra that may affect their business directly or interested going out and visiting places. Identify and state the two components of business environment highlighted in the above paragraph by quoting lines.
4.       Keeping in mind the emerging nature of the securities market in india,SEBI was entrusted with the twin tasks of regulation and development of securities market. Out of this, explain in brief the developmental functions of SEBI.
5.       Briefly discuss any three functions of stocks exchange.
6.       Suhashini, home science graduate from reputed college has recently done a cookery course. She wanted to start her own venture with a goal to provide healthy food at reasonable prices. After analysing various options for starting her business venture, she shortlisted the option to sell readmade and ready to make vegetable shakes and Sattu milk shakes. She evaluated the pros and cons of both the short listed options. Name the function of management being discussed above and given any one of its characteristics. Also briefly discuss any three limitation of the function discussed in this case.
7.       You are a toothpaste manufacturer and have introduced a new brand of toothpaste in the market . How will you determine the price of this product .Explain by giving any 4 points.
8.       An environment conscious company ‘Asthetics ltd’ has its business in all parts of the country. The company follows certain well-defined business principles that result to minimize the employee turnover. Following are some of the environment factors followed by astheics ltd. (i) Honour the law of the country as well as that of the states in which it operates. (ii) Respect the culture and customs of all states. (iii) Provide good quality and safe products to enhance the quality of life throughout the country. (iv) Develop a culture in the company that enhances individual creativity and allows employees to come forward with their suggestions. From the above (a) Identify an explain in brief any one general principle of management and any one dimension of business environment. (b) Identify any two values which the above guideline principle and environmental factors are conveying to the society.
9.       How does the understanding of business environment help the management in the following? (i) Identification of threats and early warning signals.(ii)Improving performance.
10.   State any 4 factors affecting the requirement of working capital of a company.
Bharti asked a question
Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 4/9/19
Q.1 How taxation policy affects dividend decision? [1]

Q.2 'Managers at all the levels need to perform the controlling function to keep a check on the activities in their respective areas of operation.' Which feature of controlling is being referred to? [1]

Q.3 What is meant by Span of Management? [1]

Q.4 Give any two remedies that can be made available to an aggrieved consumer. [1]

Q.5 State giving reason, whether the working capital requirement of a Designer Boutique will be high or low. [1]

Q.6 Who is considered as 'First Line Managers'? [1]

Q.7 State any two characteristics of an ideal plan. [1]

Q.8 Identify the type of formal communication in which a superior gives instructions to his subordinate. [1]

Q.9 Explain the type of training that is suitable to train the employees to handle highly sophisticated machinery and equipment. [3]

Q.10 Define Money Market and discuss its features. [3]

Q.11 Identify and explain the importance of that function of management which initiates the action in an organization. [3]

Q.12 Differentiate between functional and Divisional Structure. [3]

Q.13 A Construction company got a contract for constructing a foot-over bridge. It appointed an engineer to take charge of the same. The engineer was instructed that the work should be completed within a period of two months with maximum cost of 5, 00,000. Any negative variation in the cost beyond 5% should be brought to the notice of authorities immediately. He was also asked to keep a special check on the supply of construction material as if it is not supplied in time then, the entire project would get delayed. Which concept is being referred to? Discuss. [3]

Q.14 Komal bought a car worth 500000. After driving it, she found that the A.C. of the car stopped functioning. She approached the dealer who refused to look into the matter. [4] (a) Suggest her suitable authority where she can file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. (b) What procedure will be followed by the concerned authority to redress her grievance?

Q.15 The Plant Superintendent of Girish Mills was due to retire by the end of the year. In spite of the availability of experienced supervisors who can be promoted to handle this responsibility, still the Human Resource Manager gave an advertisement in the 'Situation Vacant' column of the newspaper. [4]

(a) Which source of recruitment was followed by Human Resource Manager? State any one benefit of this source.

(b) What values have been ignored by him While deciding the source of recruitment?

Q.16 Harshit wanted to invest his surplus funds into some profitable opportunities. He was advised by his friend to buy the shares of some companies. He did not know the formalities to be fulfiled for the same, so his friend acquainted him with a famous broker. The Broker asked him to fill a client registration form and to open a Demat account. [4]

(a) What is meant by Demat Account and What is its purpose?

(b) List out the other steps that will be followed for the purpose of buying of shares through the stock exchange.

Q.17 The companies in the field of network marketing generally rely heavily on developing relation with the prospective consumers by conducting events, workshops and seminars thereby spreading the awareness about its products and its usage. [4]

Which concept is being referred here?

Discuss its role in the field of marketing?

Q.18 Shells Pvt. Ltd. was the distributor of musical instruments. It had four departments named Purchase, Quality, Marketing and Finance headed by their respective managers. Although, they were given the power to get the work done from their subordinate, still all the major departmental decisions were taken only after the approval of Mr. Sunil, the Managing Director, of the company. The Marketing Manager once received an order for the supply of 200 different instruments to Music School. Mr. Sunil at that time had gone abroad with his family. The Marketing Manager could not communicate to him about it and as such they lost the order to their competitors. [4]

(a) Which concept of Management is being referred to in the above situation?

(b) How can its uses benefit the company?

(c) Which style of leadership is displayed by Mr. Sunil?

Q.19 Ballerina, a greeting card company, provided pre-written cards for every occasion. This formula made it successful in USA and UK. To get the benefit of the hi-tech consumers who made use of computer more in their lives, Ballerina even launched a website for e-greetings. Inspired by its success, it decided to enter France. But to their shock, as compared their target of covering around 60% of the young population, they could not even reach the figure of 10% as the people of France preferred to write their feelings in the card on their own rather than the readymade standardized message. [4]

(a) What does the above case tell about the nature of business environment?

(b) Which dimensions of business environment have been discussed? Quote the lines to support your answer.

Q.20 Which type of communication is known as Grapevine and why? Also, discuss its importance in an organization. [5]

Q.21 Management is an inexact science. Do you agree? Give reasons. [5]

Q.22 Suraksha, a cottage industry, owned by Janavi, got a huge order from an export unit for the supply of 5000 designer Diyas within a month. To supply this order on time, she took stock of the existing resources both physical and human. She also anticipated the future conditions that might impact her business, like the availability of raw material, price level changes, power supply, etc. Since the order was huge, So she needed more labour. She could procure them from the nearby village where labour was abundant, or to involve the uneducated and differently abled youth of her area. She decided to opt for the second option as that would not only benefit her but would also generate employment opportunities in the society. [5]

(a) Which function of management is performed by Janavi?

(b) State two steps that she still needs to fulfill to complete the process of the aforesaid function.

(c) State any two values that she considered while taking the decisions for her business?

Q.23 A garment manufacturing unit is facing a problem of accumulation of obsolete stock due to frequent changes in fashion industry. The Marketing Manager came up with an idea to clear off the excess stock lying with them. They offered 'Free dinner coupons worth 500 on purchase of 500 on purchase of 6000 and above.' [6]

(a) Which type of promotional tool is used by the company? Identify it and explain 3 techniques of it.

(b) What limitations does this tool suffer from?

(c) Identify and explain the Marketing Management philosophy being followed by the company.

Q.24 Reh. Cables, a small cable manufacturing Company , was facing a lot of problem in their manufacturing process. It had different functional departments headed by the functional managers. Each department had a goal to achieve. At times, the workers in the production department would get the instructions from the marketing manager as well. This caused a little confusion in the minds of the workers. To discuss the problems, the supervisor directly approached the Managing Director who then called for interdepartmental meeting with the production manager, marketing manager, supervisors and the representatives of workers from both the departments. [6]

By quoting the relevant lines, identify the principles of management followed and violated in the above case.

Q.25 Anand Ltd. was running a successful business of manufacturing and selling electric bulbs, decided to diversify in the field of electric cables. For this, it needed to install a new plant the minimum cost of which was Rs 2 crores. It had retained earnings amounting to Rs 50 lakh but the rest was to be raised from the market. The finance manager was given the responsibility to decide the different sources from where the remaining financial requirement could be fulfilled. [6]

(a) Which financial decisions are involved in the above case ?

(b) Discuss two factors each to be considered for the above mentioned financial decisions.
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 3/10/17
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 27/1/19
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 15/9/18
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 13/10/17
Thahseen Ashraf asked a question
Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 4/7/18
Agile Ltd is a well known automobile manufacturing company in India.The company plans to increase the sale of its sedan cars by 20% in the next quarter.In order to achieve the desired target,the marketing team of the company considers the impact of policy of the government towards diesel vehicles and the level of competition in this segment of cars. they explore the various available options like offering more discount to dealers and customers,providing more customer friendly finance options, lucky draws on test drives, increasing advertising , offering more of free accessories on the purchase of the car,  etc..A thorough analysis of the various available options is done keeping in view the relative viability of each option.The company decides to pursue the option of offering more discount to dealers and customers in order to boost the sale of sedan cars.In order to implement the plan,they determine the various discount packages and communicate the same to their product dealers. To make the prospective consumers aware about the new available benefits,advertisements are made through various sources of print and electronic media. The market analyst of the company keep a close watch on the revenue from the sedan cars to study the effect of new initiatives by the company to promote its sales.
In context of the above case:
(a) Name the function of management described in he above paragraph.
(b)  Identify and explain the various steps involved in process the function of management as identified in part (a) by quoting lines from the paragraph.
Chini Agrawal asked a question
Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 29/7/18
Simrat Kaur asked a question
Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 4/10/17
  1. “in an organisation,employees are satisfied and there is no chaos and effect of management is noticable.” Which characteristic of management is hilighted by this statement.
  2. If a person is feeling insecure about his job, he will not be able to put in his best efforts. This will result in either him leaving the job or organisation asking him to go. This will increase the cost of recruitment for the organisation besides wastage of time in training a new employee. identify which principle of management is referred in this paragraph.
  3. A large steel manufacturing company is willing to diversify into hydro electricity production. What effect do you think it will have on the fixed capital requirements of the company?
  4. The finance function is concered with three board decision. Name any two of these decision.
  5.  Sk biscutis limited established the factors to manufacture biscutis on large scale. It installed automatic machines to produce biscutis efficiently. The company was quite sure that it’s biscuits will be management philosophy that the company has adopted.
  6. “Sonia Ltd. has stated that the employees should be promoted on seniority basis.”Name the type of plan which is highlighted by the notice.
  7. In an organisation people are arranged in a hierarchy. Hierarchy denotes putting people in superior subordinate relationships resulting in a number of level of management .which level of management come on the top of this hierarchy channel? State one function of the identified management level.
Serene Sabu asked a question
Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 20/1/19
Jayant is working as Head Relationship Manager in the wealth management division of
a private sector bank. He has created an internal environment which is conducive to an
effective and efficient performance of his team of ten relationship management executives.
A typical day at work in Jayant?s life consists of a series of interrelated and continuous
functions. He decides the targets for his department which are in line with the objectives of
the organizaitonas a whole. The future course of action for his team members is laid out
well in advance. The various resources required by the relationship managers like an Paid
with GPS system, account opening forms, brochures, details of account holders etc. are
made readily available to them. The executives are given sufficient authority to carry out the
work assigned to them. Jayant works in close coordination with the human Resource
Manager in order to ensure that he is able to create and maintain a satisfactory and satisfied
work force in his department. Through constant guidance and motivation, Jayant inspires
them to realize their full potential. He offers them various types of incentives from time to
time keeping in view their diverse individual needs. Moreover, he keeps a close watch on
their individual performances in order to ensure that they are in accordance with the
standards set and takes corrective actions whenever needed.
In context of the above case:
1. Identify the concept being referred to in the following line, ?He created an internal
environment which is conducive to an effective and efficient performance of his team
of ten relationship management executives.?2. Identify and describe the various functions of the concept as identified in part (a) of
the question by quoting liens from the paragraph.
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 16/6/18
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 19/9/17
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 21/9/18
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 31/5/18
Please answer Q2,3,4,5,6,7,8,12,13

​Q2. Production Manager of Asian pens limited set production target of 50,000 pens per months at a cost of Rs.20 per pen. In a particular month, the company produced 50,000 pens at a cost of Rs.22 per pen. Was the production Manager efficient? Give reason?

Q3. Akash was given a target of producing 50 buckets at a cost of Rs. 40 per bucket. He produced 48 buckets at a cost of Rs.39 per bucket. Is Akash effective and efficient? Give reason.

Q4. Management cannot be seen but its presence can be felt in the way an organisation. With which feature of management is this statement related?

Q5. ' In order to satisfy changing customer needs, Joy Garments Limited introduces new types of garments frequently.' Which feature of management is reflected in this practice?

Q6. 'Super Limited has adopted the policy of offering good quality products at reasonable price to customers.' Identify the objective which the company is pursuing.

Q7. 'New Age Limited provides comprehensive training to its employees to make them efficient and productive.' Identify the objective which the company is pursuing.

Q8. Ramesh is working as a foreman in a company. Mention the management level at which Ramesh is working and mention any one function that he is performing.

Q9. Explain the organisational objectives of management.

Q10. Is management an art? Justify your answer.

Q11. Management is science but is not pure science like physics and Chemistry. How?

Q12. Ram is working as Managing Director of a company. Identify the management level at which Ram working and explain any two functions of management at this level.

Q13. Suman is Finance Manager in Copex Ltd. Identify the management level at which she is working are state any two function that she is performing.
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 9/3/18
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 20/7/18
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 28/7/19
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 20/2/18
Please check
​8. Identify the marketing management philosophies used by marketers in the following cases:
​a) A detergent manufacturing company gives more quantity of detergent at the same price - Production.
​b) An artificial jewellery manufacturing company uses metal instead of glass to enhance durability of its products - Product.
​c) A chips manufacturer makes its chips available at almost all the retail outlets - Selling
​d) A book-seller sells the books after getting them binded.
​e) A pharmaceutical company launches pain-killer sprays to facilitate convenient use and fast relief - Marketing
​f) A large-scale retail outlet gives goods to customers in carry bags of paper, jute or cloth only - Societal.
​9. Name the marketing function which is concerned with informing the customer's about the firm's product - Promotion.
​10. Shalini purchased a halogen light heater for winter. The rods stopped functioning within one week of purchase. The retailer of the shop expressed his inability to exchange the product as the sale had already taken place. Which concept of marketing is followed here? - Selling
​11. Aashima purchased a bottle of tomato-sauce from the local grocery shop. The information provided on the bottle was not clear. She fell sick on consuming it. She filed a case in the District Forum under Consumer Protection Act and got a relief.
​(a) Identify the important aspect neglected by marketer in above case - Right to Information.
​(b) Explain briefly the functions of the aspect identified in (a) above.
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 20/7/18
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Subject: Business Studies, asked on on 9/3/18
Please give the answer

After  acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills on starting an  Aloevera Farm, Ashok wanted to be
the leading manufacturer of Aloevera  products worldwide. He observed that the leading products were expensive as the demand of the products was more than the supply. He was also keen to promote methods and practises that were economically viable,  environmentally sound and at the same time protecting  public health.

Ashok's main consideration was about the amount of money paid by the consumers in consideration of the purchase of Aloevera products. He also thought that competitors prices and their anticipated reactions must also be considered for this.

After gathering and analysing information and doing correct marketing planning, he came to know that the consumers compare the value of a product to the value of money which they required to pay. The consumers will be ready to buy a product when they perceived that the value of the product is at least equal to the value of money which they would pay.

Since he was entering into a new market, he felt that he may not be able to cover all costs. He knew that in the long run the business will not be able to survive unless all costs are covered in addition  to a minimum profit.

He examined the quality and features of the products of the competitors and the anticipated reactions of the consumers. Considering the same he decided to add some unique features to the packaging and also decided to provide free home delivery of the products.

The above case relates to a concept which is considered to be an effective competitive marketing weapon. In conditions of perfect competition  most of the firms compete with each other on this concept in the marketing of goods and services.

(a) Identify the concept.
(b) Explain briefly any four factors discussed in the above case  related to the concept so identified. 
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