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Human Reproduction

Male and Female Reproductive Systems

  • Reproductive events in humans –

  • Male reproductive system: It includes
  1. A pair of testes
  2. Accessory glands and ducts
  3. External genitalia
  • Testes are located outside the abdominal cavity, within the scrotum.
  • Scrotum acts as temperature regulator.
  • Testes contain seminiferous tubules that contain two types of cells.
  1. Spermatogonia (male sperm cell)
  2. Sertoli cells, which provide nutrition to spermatids (sperm)
  • Outside seminiferous tubules, there are Leydig cells. Leydig cells are also known as interstitial cells. They secrete the male hormone, testosterone.
  • Male sex acce…

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