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Magnetism And Matter

Bar Magnet 

  • It consists of a magnetic dipole.

  • The two poles of a magnet point to the North and South Poles of the Earth when the magnet is suspended freely.

  • Properties of magnetic poles:

    • Like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other.
    • They can never be separated.
  • Magnetic length is the distance between the two poles of a magnet.
  • Magnetic dipole moment is the product of either pole strength and magnetic length of a magnet.
  • Magnetic dipole moment is a vector quantity. Its SI unit is joule/tesla or ampere-metre2.
  • A current-carrying coil behaves like a magnetic dipole whose one face represents the North Pole and the other face represents the South Pole.
  • The magnetic moment of a current-carrying coil is given by M…

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