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Character Sketches

Silas Marner

Silas Marner is a simple, god-fearing and kind-hearted Christian weaver. He trusts everyone as he himself is an honest person. His trust is broken by his best friend, William, and he is banished from Lantern Yard. He loses his trust in humans as well as God and goes to live in Raveloe. He is a very hard-working person but lives in isolation. He starts collecting the gold coins that are given to him by the rich ladies for whom he weaves beautiful linen. From a simple man, he turns into a greedy miser. Though he knows how to use herbs to cure people, he refrains from using his knowledge for the benefit of others. He becomes a suspicious and solitary character. When his money is stolen, he is dejected and loses all connection with the outside world. The human streak in him is ignited when he sees a little toddler sleeping near h…

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