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Question 1:

Answer the following questions.

(a) What are the two types of deserts found in the world?

(b) In which continent is the Sahara desert located?

(c) What are the climatic conditions of the Ladakh desert?

(d) What mainly attracts tourists to Ladakh?

(e) What type of clothes the people of the Sahara desert wear?

(f) Name the trees that grow in Ladakh.


(a) Hot and cold deserts are the two types of deserts found in the world.

(b) The Sahara desert is located in the African continent.

(c) The altitude in Ladakh varies from about 3000 to 8000 m. Due to its high altitude the climate is extremely cold and dry. The air at this altitude is so thin that the heat of the sun can be felt intensel…

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