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Coal and Petroleum


  • It is hard and black in colour.

Story of Coal:

  • Due to natural processes, the dense forests got buried under the soil.
  • Under high temperature and high pressure, dead plants got slowly converted to coal.
  • The slow process of conversion of dead vegetation into coal is called carbonisation.

There are different kinds of coals:

Peat: It has a carbon content of 28%.
Lignite: It has 28-30% content of carbon.
Bituminous coal: It comprises of 78-86% carbon.
Anthracite: This is the matured form of coal. It has 94-98 % of carbon.



  • Coal
  • It is used as fuel to cook food. Earlier, it was used in railway engines to produce steam.
  • It is used in thermal power stations to generate electricity.
  • Coke, coal tar, and coal gas are the products of coal.
  • Coke: 
  •  It is a tough, porous and black substance.
  • It is the pure form of carbon and is used in the extraction of steel and many other metal…

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