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Reaching the Age of Adolescence

  • Adolescence
    • The time period when the body undergoes changes to reach reproductive maturity is known as adolescence.
    • It begins around the age of 11 and lasts till about 18 or 19 years of age.
    • Adolescence in girls can begin one or two years earlier than boys.
  • Puberty
    • The various changes that occur in the body during adolescence marks the onset of puberty.
    • Puberty ends when teenagers attain sexual maturity.
  • Changes that take place during puberty
    • Increase in height
      • It is caused by the growth in long bones of the arms and legs.
      • Girls grow faster than boys initially but both reach their maximum height by the age of 18 years.
    • Change in body shape
      • Boys develop broader shoulders, wider chests, and prominent muscles.
      • In girls the region below the waist becomes wider.
    • Change in the voice p…

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