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  • Polynomial

An algebraic expression in which the exponents of the variables are non-negative integers are called polynomials. For example, 3x4 + 2x3 + x + 9, 3x4 etc are polynomials.

  • Constant polynomial: A constant polynomial is of the form , where k is a real number. For example, –9, 10, 0 are constant polynomials.
  • Zero polynomial: A constant polynomial ‘0’ is called zero polynomial.

General form of a polynomial: 

A polynomial of the form where  are constants and .

Here,  are the respective coefficients of  and n is the power of the variable x.

 and  are called the terms of p(x).


  • Classification of polynomials on the basis of number of terms
    • A polynomial having one term is called a monomial e.g. 3x, 25t3 etc.
    • A polynomial having two terms is called a binomial e.g. 2t – 6, 3x4 + 2x etc.
    • A poly…

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