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Part-II Summary


A year of hardships

Within two months, Gulliver sets sail on the Adventure. They stop at the Cape of Good Hope due to a leak in the ship. They stay there till they set sail again in March. After passing the island of Madagascar, the Adventure has to brave consistent storms. Then, they run out of water and seek land to get water. When they find one, some sailors go to look for water, while Gulliver goes alone to explore the island.

Gulliver marooned on the unknown island: Brobdingnag

Finding nothing to satisfy his curiosity in the ‘barren and rocky’ island, Gulliver decides to return to the ship. Suddenly, he sees his crew members rowing in haste towards their ship. As Gulliver is about to scream for them to stop, he notices a giant running towards their boat. However, the monster fails to overtake the boat and Gulliver is left alone on the island.

Gulliver’s encounter with the giants

Gulliver runs away for fear of his life, and then, climbs up a steep hill to get a view of the country. He is astounded by the sight of the twenty feet high grass. He takes a foot-path through a barley field fenced with high hedges. He walks between the corn crops which were forty feet high.

While trying to climb up the giant stiles, Gulliver notices a giant inhabitant and hides himself among the corn crops. Soon, he notices other giants joining him to begin harvesting. He lies there regretting his decision of taking up another voyage.

The giants’ astonishment on seeing Gulliver

As he apprehends the approaching giant stepping on him, Gulliver shouts to make himself noticed. This cautions the giant and he notices Gulliver. He picks him up and after observing him…

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