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Part-IV Summary


Gulliver sets off to sail as a Captain

After five months of his stay in England, Gulliver sets off on a voyage as the captain of the Adventurer. During the journey, many of his crew members die of illness. Thus, he has to hire more crew members from Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands.

The conspiracy of the crew members

Most of the new crew members turn out to be buccaneers, who rob at the sea. They conspire against Gulliver to seize the ship and confine him to his cabin. After several days of confinement, Gulliver is left alone on an unknown island.

The unfamiliar island 

Gulliver walks cautiously through a field, for the fear of natives. While walking, he notices several animals in a field. Gulliver feels discomposed at the sight of these deformed, hairy animals with goats like beards and strong claws, used to climb trees.

As he moves further to find the inhabitants of the island, he encounters one of the species. As the animal lifts his fore-paw, Gulliver strikes it with the flat side of his sword. The animal roars loudly and, in response, a herd of about forty animals threaten Gulliver with an attack. Consequently, Gulliver tries to protect himself by escaping into the bushes.  Suddenly, the animals run away at the arrival of a horse.

Gulliver meets two Houyhnhnms

The horse closely observes Gulliver. Then, he tries to communicate with Gulliver by neighing three times. But Gulliver fails to understand him. Meanwhile, another horse joins them. The two horses seem to have a discussion of great importance, while keeping an eye on Gulliver. The two horses look at him and curiously notice his hat, coat, shoes and stockings.

Gulliver perceives them as rational beings. He even thinks them to be magicians who have transformed themselves into horses. He notices the repetitive use of the word “Yahoo” and “Houyhnhnm” in their conversation. He tries to imitate the words in a similar tone which amazes both the horses. The two horses part their ways, and the grey one gestures Gulliver to walk before him.

The Houyhnhnm takes Gulliver to his house

The Houyhnhnm takes Gulliver to his house where the latter is surprised to find three nags …

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