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The three men getting late in waking up 

In spite of being sure of getting up at half-past six in the morning, the three of them sleep till nine o’clock. J is aroused by Mrs. Poppets. He wakes up Harris after which the two get into a verbal fight. Their attention shifts to George when they realize that he is still sleeping and wasting the precious hours of his life. They become determined to ‘save’ him by shouting in his ear and to wake him up.  

Montmorency has invited two other dogs to see him off.

The weather forecast

George reads out the weather forecast which predicted ‘rain, cold, wet to fine’. These were the certain boating dangers that were mentioned in the paper. The narrator expresses his irritation towards weather forecasts which, as per him, are always inaccurate and absolutely contradictory to the reality. He accounts a funny incident in the past when his holiday was ruined as he paid much attention to the weather forecast that reported “heavy showers with thunderstorms”. The day in reality, turned out to be sunny and lively.

This m…

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