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CBSE Puzzles

This is your opportunity to play while you revise!

There are hundreds of CBSE puzzles online at Meritnation. You can simply forget that you are studying and just solve interesting puzzles.

CBSE Puzzles are a part of Meritnation’s interactive and game-oriented learning solutions. The puzzles are specifically designed to make learning easier and more fun. 

The aims of the puzzles are

  • To involve you in your own learning process and thereby accelerate the process of learning for you;
  • To help you assess your learning in areas that are particularly difficult and cannot be assessed using the routine multiple choice (MCQ) format.  CBSE puzzles let you assess your clarity in topics/ concepts that need a more complex framework for testing; and
  • To bring a competitive element in the learning process by introducing the gaming format. The gaming format ensures that you would wish to come back for more.

As you solve each puzzle to assess your clarity in a topic, the revision automatically takes place step by step, side by side. While you feel hooked to the puzzle for its element of challenge and excitement, you do not realize that you just refreshed some learnt concepts and assimilated some newer ones.

It is generally observed that ones mind works more energetically while solving a puzzle rather than reading a study material. On similar lines, your mind is self-motivated while solving CBSE puzzles. Your brain spontaneously works harder while solving them. It tries to fill the gaps by logical thinking, based on general knowledge and common sense. As a result, you end up learning the theme topic more thoroughly.

So, when you choose to strengthen your lessons using CBSE puzzles, you benefit by absorbing the concepts far more clearly, that remain as crystal clear in your mind in the years to come. This gives you an ideal base for higher studies and eventually helps you build a very promising career.

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