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CBSE Study Center

The CBSE Study Center by promises to make approaching your studies systematic and effective.  With the CBSE Study Center you be sure of a thorough and smooth learning experience. The Study Center by has been developed keeping in mind the needs of students in today’s hectic times. The learning process as per the steps indicated in the CBSE Study Center begins with referring to detailed NCERT Solutions followed by adaptive ‘Formative Assessments’, Study Material, Puzzles and Test Papers. Since the CBSE Study Center gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace, you can therefore choose to revise the topics that you have already done in school or simply take a test to assess your understanding of topics already covered.


Utility of the CBSE Study Center in a student’s life

 By using the CBSE Study Center, you can hope to benefit in the following ways:

  • Make studies and learning more systematic
  • Ensure speedy and effective learning 
  • Allow for efficient managing of available time
  • Put the learner/student in control
  • Ensure that weak areas/topics get adequate attention
  • Get formative assessments in every chapter

Last but certainly not the least the performance reports by will help students familiarize themselves with the grading system introduced by the CBSE. The Formative Assessments available under CBSE Study Center are followed by reports that adopt a grading system that is in line with the CBSE grading pattern.

The CBSE Study Center can change the way you approach your studies forever.  It won’t be long before you will say —“Hey! School is easy!



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