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CBSE Test Papers

A student serious about ones career can not afford to take CBSE examinations lightly. They are your doorways to a bright shining future in your desired stream or field of study. While many students tend to make the common mistake of studying at the end of the year, wise ones make it a point to balance it out throughout their academic year.

So, the first step should be to go through the CBSE study materials and the second one should be to practice your concepts regularly by attempting CBSE test papers.

It’s a lesson preached in all the books -- "Practice makes a man perfect!”



It is crucial for a student to strengthen the lessons learnt and revise the concepts understood. Though revision by reading is good, your proficiency in subjects like Mathematics, Science and English grammar shines only by taking up regular mock tests, preferably under supervision.

Tips for using CBSE test papers

The CBSE test papers by Meritnation are aimed to provide various types of practice tests to students for all classes.

The test papers bank has both topic-specific practice tests and subject-wise comprehensive questions papers. The student is advised to take end-of-the-chapter tests in Science and Mathematics, after finishing their lessons. This would benefit the student in lesson reinforcement. However, when preparing for the final show, that is the annual examinations, it is suggested to take up subject-wise full length tests. The student can also take up question papers in multiple-choice format. There are timed tests available for precise evaluation of student’s performance. What’s even better that these tests offer you the flexibility of a paper-pen test! This means you can choose to attempt any question in the last.

The CBSE test papers have been developed by our team of core educationalists who take these test papers very seriously. They have designed these tests specifically to help a student assess ones understanding of the topics. You would find them very useful, no doubt.

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