Matter in Our Surroundings CBSE Class 9 Science

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Matter in Our Surroundings Class 9 Study Material

The learning objectives of this chapter are Characteristics of Matter, States of Matter, Effect of Change in Temperature and Pressure on the States of Matter, Factors Affecting Evaporation and Effects of Evaporation. Let's set out to study Matter in Our Surroundings chapter in detail.

Important NCERT Question from Matter in Our Surroundings

Question 1: Which of the following are matter? Chair, air, love, smell, hate, almonds, thought, cold, cold drink, smell of perfume. Question 2: The mass per unit volume of a substance is called density (density = mass/volume). Arrange the following in order of increasing density − air, exhaust from chimney, honey, water, chalk, cotton, and iron. Question 3: Convert the following temperature to Celsius scale: (a) 300 K (b) 573 K Question 1: Why does a desert cooler cool better on a hot dry day? Question 5: Give two reasons to justify− (a) water at room temperature is a liquid. (b) an iron almirah is a solid at room temperature. Register to get NCERT Solutions for Matter in Our Surroundings

Matter in Our Surroundings Question Answers

You can get all questions and answers for Matter in Our Surroundings chapter here.

CBSE Class 9 Science Introductory Video: Matter in Our Surroundings

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