Why OTBA Is The Most Effective Assessment Method for CBSE

Advance learning methods. Ever heard of the term? Today, schools and institutions across the globe are making use of different kinds of advanced study technologies and methods in order to create better learning opportunities for students. The CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education in India, too, has come up with a novel idea to inspire students towards smarter studying. The OTBA or the Open Text Based Assessment is a format that allows students to write a portion of their exam with the study material open in front of them.

The introduction of the OTBA into the CBSE curriculum in the year 2014 made waves in the education world, with many applauding the idea and others questioning its effectiveness. Despite many doubts, the OTBA format and its variations in other education systems across the world have met a lot of success. Why? How is the idea of answering questions with the study material right in front of the students helping them?

We created a brief list of reasons for why we think OTBA is so effective that it may change the face of examinations in India forever:

1. It helps students learn beyond crammed notes

We are sure you can think of at least more than one situations in life where crammed knowledge is of no use whatsoever. In situations like these, it is the factors of the very moment and your ability to judge well that help people. Well, the OTBA makes sure students acquire this very ability over time.

2. It helps students seek and analyse

When students are given their study material for the OTBA portion, all they have to their disposal is their capability to endure large amounts of information and make use of the same to frame their answers. This teaches them to be practical and analytic, qualities that may help them not only in their future educational ventures, but in life, in general too.

3. OTBA develops Higher Order Thinking Skills

For times when just a look at a problem does not help, when taking a problem at face value lands one in greater mystery, the OTBA comes to rescue. The development of Higher Order Thinking Skills, or HOTS, is one of the greatest benefits of OTBA, and the same helps students delve deeper into their intellect to look for alternative solutions for a complex problem.

4. OTBA is like real life (Well, it comes close)

Just like life sometimes fails to give us a notice when giving us problems and doubts, the problems in the OTBA format questions lie before along with the possible solutions too! Students learn to get practical by attempting with real life or scripted case studies, which gives students the exact idea of how to create a way out. It is only through their own sense of judgement and analytical thinking can students actually solve the questions before them, getting them as close to real life problems as possible!

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