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Class 10 - English - Madam Rides the Bus

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Madam Rides the Bus

Question 3:

What kind of a person is Valli? To answer this question, pick out the following sentences from the text and fill in the blanks. The words you fill in are the clues to your answer.

(i) “Stop the bus! Stop the bus!” And a tiny hand was raised ________________.

(ii) “Yes, I ____________ go to town,” said Valli, still standing outside the bus.

(iii) “There’s nobody here ____________,” she said haughtily. “I’ve paid my thirty paise like everyone else.”

(iv) “Never mind,” she said, “I can ___________. You don’t have to help me. “I’m not a child, I tell you,” she said, _____________.

(v) “You needn’t bother about me. I _____________,” Valli said, turning her face toward the window and staring out.

(vi) Then she turned to the conductor and said, “Well, sir, I hope ______________.”

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