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Class 10 - English - A Shady Plot

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A Shady Plot

Question 8:

Gladolia, the narrator's cook, is an African. The language she speaks is different from that of the others. This is known as Dialect. A dialect consists of words or phrases that reflect the regional variety of a language. An author often uses a regional dialect to make the dialogue more authentic. Initially a dialogue may seem a little difficult to understand. However, as you continue reading, the language will become more comprehensible.

Working in groups, write what Gladolia's words mean as shown.

Column A

Column B

  • Misto Hallock

  • Mister Hallock

  • de Missus

  • sho t'inks you's lost!

  • she done 'phone you dis mawnin'

  • fo' de lawd's sake

  • not to stop to argify now

  • I's gwine t' quit.

  • I don't like no hoodoos.

  • I'se done lef' dis place

  • I is

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