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Class 10 - English - Unit-6 Challenges to National Integration

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Unit-6 Challenges to National Integration

Question B.5:

Complete the following sentences.

a. An example of the generosity and kindness of Kalam's parents is


b. Kalam feels he had a very secure childhood because____________________

c. The suspension of train halt at Rameshwaram station proved to be a blessing in disguise for Kalam because_______________________________

d. Kalam continues to feel proud about the money he had earned in childhood by picking up bundles of newspaper because______________________________

e. Some traits and values Kalam and his siblings inherited from their parents were_____________________________

f. The salient feature of Kalam's relationship with his three childhood friends was that_____________________________

g. Two unique examples of communal harmony and brotherhood of mankind are________________________________

h. The nation should be wary of people like the grade V teacher of the narrator because___________________________

i. However, the country needs more and more people like Kalam's Science teacher Sivasubramania and Kalam's mother and grandmother because__________________

j. Kalam's second visit to his science teacher's house surprised him because ___________________________________________________________

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