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Class 10 - English - Long Walk to Freedom

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Long Walk to Freedom

Question 3:

Match, the italicised phrases in Column A with the phrase nearest meaning in Column B. (Hint: First look for the sentence in the text which the phrase in column A occurs.)




I was not unmindful of the fact.


had not forgotten: was aware of the fact


was not careful about the fact


forgot or was not aware of the fact


When my comrades and I were pushed to our limits


pushed by the guards to the wall


took more than our share of beatings


felt that we could not endure the suffering any longer


To reassure me and keep me going


make me go on walking


help me continue to live in hope in this very difficult situation


make me remain without complaining


The basic and honourable freedoms of … earning my keep…


earning enough money to live on


keeping what I earned


getting a good salary

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