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Class 6 - English - A Game of Chance

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A Game of Chance

Question A:

Complete the following sentences from memory choosing a phrase from those given

in brackets.

1. _________________was held at the time of the Eid festival.

(A big show, A big fair, A big competition)

2. Tradesmen came to the village with all kinds of goods_______________________.

(to display, to buy, to sell)

3. Uncle told me ___________________________________ while he was away.

(not to buy anything, not to go anywhere, not to talk to anyone)

4. The owner of the Lucky Shop wanted everybody present ____________________________.

(to play the game, to win a prize, to try their luck)

5. The first time I took a chance I got _________________________________.

(a bottle of ink, two pencils, a trifle)

6. Uncle told me that the shopkeeper had made ___________________________.

(a fool of me, a good profit, friends with many people)

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