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Class 6 - English - A Game of Chance

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A Game of Chance

Question A:

The words given against the sentences below can be used both as nouns and verbs. Use them appropriately to fill in the blanks.

1. (i) The two teams have _________________ three matches already. (play)

(ii) The last day’s ______________________ was excellent.

2. (i) She has a lovely ________________________. (face)

(ii) India ___________________ a number of problems these days.

3. (i) He made his _________________________ in essay-writing. (mark)

(ii) Articles __________________________‘sold’ are reserved.

4. (i) The police are _______________________ the area to catch the burglars. (comb)

(ii) An ordinary plastic ______________________________ costs five rupees.

5. (i) He gave a ______________________ in answer to my question. (smile)

(ii) We also _______________________ to see him smile.

6. (i) He said he _________________________ to be invited to the party. (hope)

(ii) We gave up _______________________ of his joining the party.

7. (i) The boys put up a good athletic____________________________ . (show)

(ii) The soldiers ________________________ great courage in saving people from floods.

8. (i) You deserve a ________________________ on the back for your good performance. (pat)

(ii) The teacher _________________________ the child on the cheek to encourage her.

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