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Class 6 - English - Desert Animals

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Desert Animals

Question B:

Look at these sentences.

  • Animals cannot survive for long without water.

  • So desert animals have to find different ways of coping.

The first sentence says what cannot happen or be done; the second tells us what must, therefore, be done, what it is necessary to do.

Complete these sentences using cannot and have to/has to.

1. You __________________ reach the island by land or air; you _______________ go by boat.

2. We ___________________ see bacteria with our eyes; we _____________________

look at them through a microscope.

3. He__________________ have a new bicycle now; he _________________wait till next year.

4. Old people often _______________ hear very well; they _______________ use a hearing aid.

5. Road users ______________ do what they wish; they _____________ follow the traffic rules.

6. She ________________ accept this decision; she __________________question it.

7. You ____________ believe everything you hear; you ____________ use your own judgement.

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